We’re out to prove that we care.

So every step of our process is people-focused. We don’t have fancy diagrams or cute names. What we do have is an enormous amount of love for the work we take on. We absorb every last detail. Always moving from knowing, to showing. Insight to inspiration.

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Clover Sites, Inc.

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Pray Inc.

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Our approach is simple.

We create for people. We see you, and learn what matters most to you.

We get to know you and your business so we can guide and create with wisdom.

We invest deeply in the alignment of product, strategy, and culture. Then with honest design, we deliver real value.

Guaranteed attention

We only allow 1-3 clients at once. So we actually think about you and your needs all the time.

We don't outsource our care.

You’ll always talk and work with us directly. No interns or juniors. We’re always in your corner, and we never use Lorem Ipsum.

In the act of creation,
there is a lot of redemption.

Eric Hoekendorf

Designer and Co-Founder

Using design and technology to meet needs is my life’s work. I’ve spent well over a decade designing user experiences, directing product, and building teams. By pairing a remarkable level of service with sustainable methods, I create lasting solutions people love. I also imagine and organize everything with a focus on emotion informed by data — drawing inspiration from the balance found in music between theory and feeling.

Trevor Dorsey

Developer and Co-Founder

A lifetime of taking things apart has given me a great appreciation for the way things work. As a result, I’ve been able to quickly adapt and solve hard problems. I’ve developed software across three very different industries. Gaming, web, and financial. I’ve built digital and physical things — virtual and mechanical. I know firsthand that a solution is never the result of a simple technology or trend. It’s shaped from a deep commitment to explore ideas from someone else's perspective. You have to deconstruct first, then architect an approach to serve the right people.

We love making
things for people.

So we think about how our work feels, as well as how it functions. Because people are more complicated than what's on the surface. Every interaction has an impact on the experience, and we enjoy creating them.